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I am Hatvani Szabolcs

Szabolcs Hatvani is a Hungarian composer was born in Bonyhád. He is surrounded by musical instruments from his birth, and he’s played the piano since the age of 3 years. He’s performed his own compositions since 1997, all over the country.

His typical multi-tone instrumental synthesizer programs of concerts since 2005, the "Visual Voices" has been given to the unique visual colour the music instrumental music. His music and concerts are unique because they are epoch-making, as a permanent addition to the musicians on stage to representatives of local artists, musicians, and students of music schools. It is also essential, since it basically works, although the synthesizer music, the concerts of strings, brass sections, adult and children's choir of mixed arm added to the cast. /It always takes place as far as possible to local concerts. /

The monumental like oratory and soundtracks and psychedelic music are accompanied with special films on the screen. These themes are sometimes abstract, but most notably between the Earth and our relationship to nature shows, or specifically a call for attention to ecological problems.

The concert is coloured by a unique special laser show effect thanks to the GTLaser Show Company. 30 years of engineering research result is presented in the "Kaleidoscope laser" and also a world in a device with the team in the U.S. one of the world's most prestigious professional contest in 2009. This "Kaleidoscope laser" can be seen only on Szabolcs’s synthesizer concerts in Hungary and now the whole world.

Of course, the sound technology is a very strong emphasis on such large-scale concert provides by the EUROMUSIC professionals. There 18,000 watt quadraphonic sound fills the theatre atmosphere.

The "Colour-Symphony" his nearly 100-minute show has already deployed the technology under a new element in the emergence of theatrical pyrotechnics, Hungary's largest and most spectacular increase during the program "Visual Voices' newest episode.


Hatvani Szabolcs"SZÍN – FÓNIA" (Colour-Symphony)
"SZÍN-FÓNIA" has been the title of my concerts since 2009. During the concerts I have realized that music has sounded variously THERE and THEN as it does on studio albums; it is filled with the spirit and heart of the audience and it sounds as if it got a new lease of life while filling the air. On this album, we are trying to impart this ‘spirit and heart’ which was added to the songs of "SZÍN-FÓNIA I." during the performances. In the process of doing this album, the original records were used with some refinement and improvement in order to make sounds and tunes more powerful. 5.1 solid mixing heard on DVD also helps to impart these feelings. The "SZÍN-FÓNIA II." is a 70-minute-long soaring. The primary aim of my music is to put the audience off from weekdays and to revive feelings either from the past or from a fantasy world created ourselves by the help of the tunes. You can live this experience through more than an hour. Some of my soundtracks made in the recent past can also be found on this album which intend to get us to a world cannot be expressed by words but music."

/Hatvani Szabolcs, 31st October, 2013/

Hatvani Szabolcs
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